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Easy Leprechaun Gnome Pop-Up Card (2 Designs)

Learn to make St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun gnome craft pop-up card.

leprechaun gnome craft ideas

Tell me, who doesn’t like pop-up cards? I don’t only enjoy making pop up cards I also love sharing my ideas with you all. I had an idea of making a pop up card for St Patrick’s day. So I got very creative and made this pop up card with a cute gnome fella. After seeing how well this gnome card turned out to be I had a second idea for a gnome card for Saint Patrick’s Day. Now obviously this gnome pop up card is a little difficult for younger kids so I wanted to make something like a preschool-friendly kid’s craft. 

How To Make St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Gnome Pop-Up Card

List Of Tools and Materials 

  1. Colorful Cardstock Papers. 
  2. Pencil.
  3. Ruler.
  4. Scissors.
  5. Glue.
  6. Colorful Marker Pens. 

Download St Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Gnome Craft

Template 1: Saint Patrick’s Day Gnome Pop Up Card Template.

Template 2: Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Gnome Card Template.

Saint Patrick’s Day Leprechaun Gnome Pop-Up Card Craft Step-by-Step Instructions:

Step 1: Make The Rainbow

1 Rainbow craft for kids with free templates

From the printable PDF templates cut out the six half-circular shapes. Use the shapes to cut out six colors of colorful craft paper for the rainbow. Keep in mind that the templates are in A4 format so you’ll need A4-sized blank papers to print out the templates. 

The largest piece from purple, blue, green, yellow orange, and red. 

Glue the blue piece inside the purple piece, glue the yellow piece inside the green piece, and glue the red inside the orange piece. 

Then, glue paper rainbow pieces together to complete your paper rainbow for your leprechaun gnome pop-up card. 

Step 2: Gold Pot and Cloud:

2 gold pot for saint Patrick's day craft

Cut out the gold pot using black craft paper, and cut out the coins using golden craft paper or yellow craft paper. Cut out the clouds using white embossed papers. If you don’t have embossed papers you can just use regular white craft papers for it.  

Glue the gold coins with the black pot. Glue the smaller piece of cloud over the larger piece of the cloud. 

Step 4: How To Make A Leprechaun Gnome:

3 happy st patricks day gnome images

Use green shades of craft papers to cut out the leprechaun gnome’s hat and suit. 

Use orange shades of craft paper to cut out the leprechaun gnome’s beard and mustache. 

Cut out the leprechaun gnome’s nose using creamy beige-colored craft paper. 

The hat and the suit will look good if they are cut out from 2 different shades of green craft papers. 

Glue the leprechaun gnome’s mustache over the beard, then glue the beard with the leprechaun gnome’s suit. 

Glue the nose over the leprechaun gnome’s mustache. Glue the tiny shamrock patterns with the leprechaun gnome’s hat/beanie. 

Glue the gnome’s hat with its beanie to finish making your gnome. 

Step 5: How To Make A Pop-Up Card:

4 how to make a pop up card craft step by step

Fold an A4-sized cardstock paper in half,  Cut off ½ inch from the side to make the card slightly thinner. You can also use the whole A4-sized card if you want a larger card. 

Cut out 2 strips of cardstock paper. Fold the cardstock strips on both ends equally. 

Glue the two folded cardstock paper strips with the top and bottom parts of the card while keeping the card open. 

Glue the paper rainbow craft on the two paper strips, and leave about 2 centimeters gap below. 

Fold another cardstock paper strip and glue it below the rainbow with the card. 

Step 6: Finish Making Leprechaun Gnome Pop-Up Card

5 leprechaun garden gnome

First, glue the paper gnome craft on the center folded pop socket of the card. 

Then, glue the cloud on one side of the gnome and the gold pot on the other side of the paper gnome. 

Glue a zigzag cut-out grass from green craft paper on the front to finish decorating your Saint Patrick’s Day Gnome Pop-Up Card. 


How To Make Leprechaun Gnome Greeting Card For St Patrick’s Day:

Step 1: Cut Out The Leprechaun Gnome Pattern:

To make this easy leprechaun gnome greeting card first download the PDF templates from the given link. 

Cut out the patterns for the paper gnome using colorful craft papers. I am using a green checkered patterned craft paper for the leprechaun gnome’s beanie. 

Glue the gnome’s beanie on the top part of the gnome’s beard. 

Glue the two pointy leprechaun ears on two sides of the beanie. 

Fold a piece of paper into four and then, glue it in between the gnome’s beanie and beard. 

Glue the gnome’s nose over the folded paper. This will give it a 3D look. 

Glue the gnome’s two hands on two sides of the gnome’s beard. 

Glue the shamrock pattern in between the two hands.

Step 2:How To Make The Card

8 cut out the card pattern from the template

Use the templates to cut out the card’s base using cardstock paper. 

Then, glue the leprechaun gnome paper craft over the card to complete making your Saint Patrick’s day greeting card, 

leprechaun gnome pattern

I am hoping these greeting cards will bring me some luck this year. You can make these gnome cards for fun and you can also gift them to your loved ones. If you are having friends and family over for St Patrick’s Day celebration you can send them these gnome pop-up cards and greeting cards to invite them. Or if you are just sending cards to your loved ones you can make these amazing handmade Saint Patrick’s Day DIY cards through the mail. 

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Leprechauns and gnomes are two different kinds of creatures but somehow you can combine both to make fun crafts. We usually picture leprechauns as short human-like creatures wearing green suits and green hats, they have red hair, beard, and mustache. On the other hand, we see garden gnomes or cartoons that have grey hair, and grey beard and their eyes and face are mostly covered with their beanie.

There are so many fun leprechaun gnome crafts out there you would be amazed. I wanted to make something very interesting for this St Patrick’s Day and I would like to say that I am pleased with these St Patrick’s Day cards. If you enjoyed these St Patrick’s Day crafts please share your thoughts with us.

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