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How To Make Toilet Paper Roll Frog Fun

Would you like to make a frog out of toilet paper roll? I have this very easy kids friendly toilet paper roll frog craft you guys. 

Toilet Paper Roll Frog Craft For Kids

I am sure you all know that I absolutely love making toilet paper roll kids crafts. Toilet paper roll crafts are not only fun to make but they also help us recycle and teach children about the importance of recycling. 

Since spring is coming I thought it would be perfect to make a toilet paper roll frog craft. I think children can learn a lot about frogs while making paper craft. 

Why I think crafting is important for kids? I try to make lots of fun and educational crafts for kids, so they can learn while having fun. For example I made this Toilet Paper Roll Bee Craft last week, I added some fun facts about bees at the end of the craft tutorial so kids can learn and memorise things easily. 

To make this fun toilet paper roll frog craft please check out the step by step instruction below. 

Also read the 5 fun facts about frogs at the end of this tutorial. 

List Of Tools and Materials

  1. Toilet Paper Roll.
  2. Crafting Papers.
  3. Pencil.
  4. Ruler.
  5. Scissors.
  6. Glue.
  7. Marker Pen. 

Download Toilet Paper Roll Frog Template:

Tissue Paper Roll Frog Template.

This template is in A4 format, you will need blank A4 sized papers to print out this templates to get the correct size for your craft.

Toilet Paper Roll Frog Step by Step Instructions:

Step 1:Cut Out The Frog Pattern:

frog out of toilet paper roll (1)

Download the toilet paper roll frog template from the download link above. 

Use green shadec crafting papers to cut out the frog pattern according to the PDF toilet paper roll frog template. Cut out the frog pattern from the templates and place them over your colorful crafting papers and trace them using pencils. 

Tips: In these crafts color combination is a big deal if you want your craft project to look appealing. A bright green color looks very good for a frog, but for the stomach area use a slightly dull green shade to make the details pop. 

Step 2: Outline The Pattern:

how to make toilet paper roll frog (2)

Select two green shaded colorful marker pen or sharpies. One should be slightly darker than the other. 

Use the dark shaded green marker pen to outline the frog’s legs and head. Then, use the light green colorful sharpie to outline the belly. 

Step 3: Glue The Mouth, Cheeks and Draw Freckles:

First, glue the frog’s mouth on the lower part of the frog’s head. 

Then, glue the two round cheeks on two sides of the frog’s mouth. 

Once the glue has dried down completely, use the same dark green colored marker pen to draw the two nostrils and freckles. 

Step 4:Glue The Frog’s Eyes:

toilet paper roll frog template (5)

Select two googly eyes according to the size of your paper frog’s eye sockets. 

Glue the two googly eyes on the paper frog’s head. 

Step 5: Glue the Belly:

toilet paper tube frog (6)

While the googly eyes glue dried down, glue the light green shaded belly on the frog’s base. 

To cut out the base first you need to measure the length and circumference of your toilet paper roll. For this ttoilet paper tube frog craft we are using a half of a toilet paper roll. 

Step 6:Wrap the Toilet Paper Roll:

toilet paper tube frog craft (7)

Apply glue on the back of the green craft paper base we cut out for the frog, and then carefully glue it around the toilet paper roll to cover the toilet paper roll. For this step you can use sticky tape as well. 

Step 7:Glue The Frog’s Legs:

Take the frog’s paper legs and make a small crease on the side of the legs. 

Apply glue on the creases. 

Then, glue the two legs on to lower sides of the toilet paper roll base. 

Step 8:Final Step:

glue the paper frog head on top of the toilet paper roll (11)

Glue the paper frog craft’s head on the top part of the toilet paper roll to finish making your toilet paper roll frog craft. 

5 Fun Facts About Frogs:

  1. Do you know how frog’s change their clothes? Well they don’t, but they shed their skin once every week. I know it sounds a little icky but it is true. 
  2. Frogs can survive both in lands and also under water. They can breath through their lungs, gills and skin to survive. 
  3. Frogs can jump really high. If you are wondering how high frogs can jump, they can jump about 20 times their body height. 
  4. One of the largest species of frogs are called “Goliath frog”.
  5. A group of frogs are called “army”. 

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