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DIY Leprechaun Trap Ideas Easy

Are you looking for an easy leprechaun trap craft for this St. Patrick’s day? Learn to make an easy leprechaun trap using household items. You never know you just might get lucky this year and catch a leprechaun.

leprechaun trap easy craft

I have heard that catching a leprechaun can bring you some luck. I have seen so many leprechaun trap craft ideas on the internet and I tried my best to come up with something unique but easy as well. Leprechauns like gold and they are also very sneaky, a leprechaun trap is the only way to catch a leprechaun. This leprechaun trap DIY craft project is suitable for older kids since it requires cutting the plastic bottle in half, but with the help of an adult even a kindergartener can make this easy leprechaun trap craft.

I was inspired by this leprechaun trap craft idea by Messy Little Monster. It was made with recycled toilet paper roll. So I thought how can I make a leprechaun trap using items I can recycle? I immediately thought of plastic bottles. Recycling plastic is very important, even though I know this isn’t the ideal way to recycle plastic bottles but it can send a valuable lesson to the kids about recycling.

Leprechaun Trap Activity Craft For Kids

List of Materials and Tools:

  1. Empty Green Plastic Bottle.
  2. X-Acto Knife. 
  3. Pebbles. 
  4. Pom’poms.
  5. Colorful Craft Papers.
  6. Golden Craft Paper.
  7. Sticks/Bamboo Skewers.
  8. Glue. 
Leprechaun Trap Kit

Download Free Templates.

Download Templates From This Link.

How To Make Leprechaun Trap Step by Step Instructions:

leprechaun trap DIY

Step 1: Prepare The Plastic Bottle Base:

Draw a line on the plastic bottle using a marker pen to mark where you need to cut the bottle. I am marking on half part of the plastic bottle.

Use an x-Acto knife to cut around the plastic bottle carefully. You can use a pair of scissors if you want.

Take 4-5 pebbles or small rocks, then place them on the bottom of the bottle, so the empty plastic bottle doesn’t move.

Fill in the rest of the bottle using pom-poms. 

leprechaun trap ideas
leprechaun trap craft

Step 5: Prepare The Ladder Using Bamboo Sticks:

Take two sticks to make the ladder.

Cut one long stick in half keeping the pieces 2 centimeters longer than your bottle. Then, cut out 5 small pieces from the other bamboo stick.

Place the two long sticks vertically keeping a small gap between them. Then, apply glue to the two sticks.

Start gluing the small sticks horizontally with the long sticks. Similarly, glue the small sticks one after another to finish making your ladder for the leprechaun trap.

leprechaun trap diy
leprechaun trap pictures

Step 10: Make The Paper Rainbow Decoration:

Cut out the rainbow patterns from craft papers. With the templates, you can cut out 5 colors instead of the usual 7 colors of the rainbow. I felt like using 7 colors will be too much hassle for the kids as you’ll need to cut them out carefully.

Glue all the rainbow colors together serially large to small.

Glue the clouds on both ends of the rainbow. 

Glue a stick on the back of the rainbow. 

Leprechaun Trap Craft gold pot
leprechaun trap activity

Step 14: Finish Making The Trap

Cut out the pot using black craft paper, and cut out the gold coins using golden craft paper. 

Place the rainbow on the bottle.

Then, place the gold pot on the pom-poms. 

And there you go!

Fun Leprechaun Trap Craft Idea

leprechaun trap ideas for first graders

Did you enjoy making this craft with us? If you liked this craft and if you make it yourself please share your craft’s pictures with us. We have a few more fun St. Patrick’s Day Crafts you just might like. Please visit our website to learn to make more crafts with easy step-by-step instructions. Earlier this week we made these super adorable gnome cards for St. Patrick’s Day. See you again next time on our new post. Thank you.

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