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Paper Cup Easter Chick Craft For Toddlers Easy

It’s the first week of this spring and Easter is so close, are you excited about Easter Sunday? There are so many Easter craft activities you can do with your kids. Coloring eggs is fun but do you want to add some extra fun to it?

Easter Craft Paper Cup Chick Craft

I really enjoyed making this easter chick craft with a paper cup. It was not only easy to make but it also turned out to be quite cute don’t you think?

 Painting crafts can be a little messy but I think this paper cup Easter chick craft for toddlers is worth a try.

This paper cup Easter chick craft is easy to make and it really doesn’t cost a lot. The materials and tools used in this craft are very easy to find, you might already have to mosh if it. I think the only thing everyone doesn’t have is artificial feathers.  

How To Make A Paper Cup Easter Chick:

List of tools and materials:

  1. Paper Cup.
  2. Acrylic Paint.
  3. Paintbrush.
  4. Colorful Craft Papers.
  5. Pencil.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue. 
easter egg and chick craft

Download Free Template:

Download Free Template For Easter Chick Craft.

Paper Cup craft Easter Chick Crafts For Preschoolers Step-by-step Instructions:

Step 1: Prepare The Paper Cup For Easter Chicken Craft:

easter chick craft for toddlers

Select a yellow paint you want to use to color your paper cup. Make sure to have a similar colored craft paper as the paint. 

Carefully paint the entire paper cup using yellow paint. Put the cup aside to let the paint dry completely. 

Step 2: Easter Chick Craft Template

 easter chick craft ideas

While the paint is drying, download the PDF templates I have attached above and print it out.  Cut out the patterns (wings, beak, belly, and comb) from the template. Trace and cut them out of craft papers, and use a lighter shade of yellow to cut out the belly. Use a colored marker pen to fill in the eyes for the easter chick craft. 

Step 3: Easter Chick Craft For Toddlers

Glue the easter chick’s belly on the middle-bottom part of the paper cup. 

Glue the chick’s comb on the top of the paper cup. 

Step 4: Prepare The Wings For Paper Cup Craft For Toddlers

Slightly fold the sides of the easter chick’s paper wings. 

 Apply glue on the wings, and then glue some yellow artificial feathers on the wings. 

Step 5:Making The WIngs For Easter Chick Crafts For Preschoolers

 easter chick paper cup craft activities

Apply glue on the wing’s creases, then glue the wings on two sides of the colored paper cup. 

Step 8:Paper Cup Easter Chick Craft Process

easter chicken craft paper cup craft animals

Fold the easter chick’s beak along the lines from the template to give it a 3D shape. Then, glue the beak above the belly. 

Step 9: Glue The paper Cup Chick’s Eyes:

easter chick crafts for preschoolers

Glue the easter chick’s eyes above the beak on the top part of the paper cup. 

Step 10:Paper Cup Craft Easter Chick Craft Final Step:

easter egg and chick craft

And finish making your easter chick craft by gluing the two claws on the bottom part of the paper cup. 

Tips For Paper Cup Craft Activities:

  1. If you are going to paint the paper cup, the first thing you need to do is prepare your space. Gather some old newspapers and lay them on the table or surface you are going to work on. This helps to keep things clean and you won’t get any paint stains on your carpet or furniture. 
  2. If you are working with a child it’s always important to use non-toxic paint. 
  3. Acrylic paints are better than regular watercolors. Acrylic paint is heavier so it covers the base very well, also it dries down very well and the paint doesn’t smudge. 
  4. To have a nice color-covered base you might need to do more than just one coat. You have to wait for the first boat to try down completely before applying the second coat. 

That’s it for today, I will be back with more tips on the next content. 

For our next craft, we will be making a bunny out of a tissue paper roll. If you want to stay tuned with our craft projects please subscribe to our blog.

Easter chick paper craft with paper cup

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