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Paper Bag Chipmunk Craft For Preschoolers With Easy Template

Let’s make a paper bag chipmunk crafts for preschoolers.

Bag Chipmunk One (2)

Since it is spring all the animals are coming out from their hibernation. To make something fun for spring crafts I have made this very cute paper bag chipmunk puppet craft for kids. Paper bag hand puppets are so fun to make and play with. This paper bag chipmunk puppet is so easy to make that even preschoolers can make it. I have made the patterns for this paper bag chipmunk very carefully, I have kept the templates super easy to cut. 

How To Make Paper Bag Chipmunk

Tools and Materials:

  1. Craft Paper.
  2. Cardstock Paper.
  3. Brown Paper. 
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Twine or Thread. 

Download Free Templates

Download Paper Bag Chipmunk Templates.

Step 1: Chipmunk Paper Bag Puppet Template

chipmunk paper bag craft for preschoolers

I have linked the paper bag chipmunk templates, download the templates and cut them out. Place the templates on your craft papers and trace them using a pencil. Then cut out the paper chipmunk patterns. 

Step 2: Prepare Paper Chipmunk:

paper chipmunk paper bag craft easy

Glue the chipmunk’s mouth with the paper chipmunk’s head. 

Step 3: Chipmunk Paper Bag Puppet Making:

chipmunk paper doll paper bag crafts for kids

Glue the chipmunk’s eyes above its mouth.  

Step 4: Chipmunk Paper Doll: 

squirrel craft paper bag craft for preschoolers

Glue the paper chipmunk’s nose in between the eyes, then glue the teeth below the nose. 

Step 5: Paper Chipmunk Craft Making:

squirrel craft preschool paper bag crafts for kids

Glue the paper chipmunk’s cheeks on the two sides of the face, and use a pen to draw the teeth. 

Step 6: Make The Paper Chipmunk’s Body::

squirrel craft for kindergarten

Glue the paper chipmunk’s feet below the square brown craft paper (the body). 

Step 7:  Prepare The Chipmunk Paper Craft:: 

chipmunk paper bag puppet template

Glue the paper chipmunk’s tail on one side of the chipmunk’s body. Glue the chipmunk’s belly on the bottom part of its body. 

Step 8: Make Your Paper Bag For The Puppet:

paper bag chipmunk paper bag craft ideas

Make a paper bag according to the size of your chipmunk paper craft. 

You can learn to make a paper bag from “How To Make A Paper Bag”. 

Step 9: Paper Bag Chipmunk Puppet Final Prep:

squirrel craft preschool

Glue the chipmunk paper craft’s body on the bottom part of the paper bag (keep the bag upside down). 

Step 10: Finish The paper bag Chipmunk Puppet Craft:

squirrel paper bag crafts for kids

Glue the paper chipmunks doll’s head on the top of the paper bag (closed end of the bag). 

How To Use This Paper Bag Chipmunk Puppet:

Bag Chipmunk One (2)

This fun craft activity is not only enjoyable but it is also educational. If you want to teach your kids about animals you can make this paper bag chipmunk puppet and tell stories and facts about chipmunks, This craft is also a great addition to your storytelling time. Whether it’s a sleepover, birthday party, or even just playtime you can use this paper bag chipmunks to tell fun stories to the kids. 

I have gathered many fun facts about chipmunks. For the longest time, I didn’t know that chipmunks and squirrels are different kinds of animals. Sure, they have tons of similarities but there are also some amazing differences I think you might not know about. 

One of the main differences between chipmunks and squirrels is that squirrels are a little larger than chipmunks. 

5 Fun Facts About Chipmunks:

  1. The term chipmunk is actually derived from the “chip-chip” sound made by the animal. Chipmunks almost sound like birds chirping. 
  2. Chipmunks do make nests to live in, but they usually prefer to dig holes underground to live in. The holes can be 6 meters long. 
  3. A group of chipmunks is called a scurry. And chipmunk homes are called dens or a burrow (it is also used for other small animals like rabbits). 
  4. You’d be shocked to know that an average lifespan of a chipmunk is about 3 years. 
  5. Chipmunks love acorns. They can collect about 170 acorns a day. 

I hope you enjoyed the facts. Would like to know some famous chipmunks? If you are a 90s kid you won’t have a problem identifying these chipmunk cartoon characters. Chip ‘n Dale are some of the loveliest characters from Disney. I really enjoyed watching their episodes. 

Alvin and the Chipmunks is also a very fun show that has three cute but kind of troublemakers. 

I hope you have enjoyed our today content and we hope to see you in our next post.  

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