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How To Make Easy Reindeer Hug Bookmark (+2 Free Templates)

Make Easy Christmas Reindeer Hug Bookmark Craft For Kids. Just in 15 minutes.


Reindeers are Santa’s special friends. They help him carry the sleigh full of gifts. 

Today we have an easy fun Reindeer hug bookmark craft for you! Reindeers are absolutely cute. If you like to read books and you want to make fun amazing reindeer hug bookmarks for your books stay tuned and check out this craft. make amazing Reindeer bookmarks with your kids today. With this craft, we have two Free Reindeer Patterns to make this reindeer bookmark.

Feel free to click to download the free patterns.

How To Make Christmas Reindeer Hug Bookmark With Card Papers

Supplies You Need For Your Reindeer Hug Bookmark Craft:

  • Cardstock Papers.
  • Craft papers.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Glue.
  • Marker Pens.

Download Free Templates:

Template 1 (Black and White).

Template 2 (Colourful).


To get started with this craft, first, you will need to download the PDF templates. Please note that these PDF templates are for personal use only.

After you download the templates, select a thin white cardstock paper. Print out the templates on cardstock paper. The size of the template is A4, so you will need to use an A4 sized cardstock paper to make your Reindeer Hug Bookmark Craft. Check out the supplies list above and gather all the supplies you need to make your Reindeer bookmark craft.

Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 1: Cut Out The Pieces:

Carefully use a pair of scissors to cut out the pieces for the reindeer using the free patterns.

You can also use the black and white pattern to trace and cut out the pieces from your favourite coloured papers as well.


Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 2: Glue The Eyes:

Take the reindeer’s eyes and apply glue evenly on the back of the eyes. Then place and join the eyes on top of the reindeer bookmark’s base.


Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 3:Glue The Face:

Now take the light brown shades oval piece from the templates, and glue it beneath the reindeer’s eyes.


 Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 4: Glue The Nose:

Now, take the reindeer’s red nose and glue it on the face.

Then glue the reindeer’s mouth on the bottom of the nose.


Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 5: Glue The Ears:

Now take the reindeer’s ears. Apply glue on the bottom back of the ears. 

Then glue the reindeer’s ears on the top of the bookmark’s base.


Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 6: Glue The Antlers:

Then, take the two antlers of the reindeer. Apply glue on the bottom of the antlers, and glue the reindeer’s antlers in between the ears.


Reindeer Hug Bookmark Step 7: Glue The Legs:

For our final step, take the reindeer’s front legs and glue them on the front of the base right under the reindeer’s face. 

 Apply glue only on the top part of the legs.


And your Reindeer Bookmark is READY!

Reindeer-Hug-Bookmark-Craft 2

How To Use This Craft:

These amazing Reindeer Hug Bookmarks are perfect for this Christmas. 

You can use these reindeer bookmarks to mark your books. 

These are also perfect for Christmas gifts. If you have friends or family who love to read you can make these bookmarks for them.

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Thank you for reading our content, I hope you enjoyed this craft and let us know if you try this Reindeer Bookmark Craft at home. Please stay tuned for more fun kids crafts every weekend. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone.

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