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Fun Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey (2 Templates)

Learn To Make Paper Plate Turkey


Happy Thanksgiving everyone! The time for being thankful for all the blessings. Are you having Thanksgiving dinner with your friends and family? Here is an amazing kid’s thanksgiving activity idea. We made an adorable easy Thanksgiving Turkey out of a paper plate. This paper plate turkey is very easy to make. If you are looking for a paper plate craft for 2 year olds or even older kids this recycling paper plate craft is a great idea. Paper plate crafts animals are very fun to make with kids.

Paper plate painting crafts are often messy but they are so much fun to do. If you have some boring old paper plates you want to use and decorate them for Thanksgiving use this easy template to helo you make a cute paper plate turkey craft

Supplies You Need For Paper Plate Turkey Thanksgiving Craft:

  1. Paper Plate.
  2. Coloring Paint.
  3. Paint Brushes.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Scissors.
  7. Glue.
  8. Marker pens.

How To Make Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft Step by step instructions:

Download Paper Plate Turkey Pattern Free


Step 1: Select A Paper Plate

To get started with this Thanksgiving paper plate turkey, you need to collect all the supplies you need to make this craft. The supplies are listed ab9ove. The main supplies for this craft are paper plate and paint. Along with that, you need some important tools like paintbrushes. Scissors, pencil, ruler. 

Select a paper plate for your project. It’s best to use a medium-sized paper plate, but you can also use a large paper plate and also a small paper plate. 


Step 2: Cut The Paper Plate In Half

Use a pencil to draw a straight line on the middle of the paper plate. This line will divide the paper in half. 

Use a pair of scissors with the help of an adult to carefully cut along the lines you drew using the pencil.

Neatly cut the paper plate in half.


Step 3: Cut Out The Turkey Patterns

Now, print out the PDF template on an A4 sized paper from the link above. 

Then use the PDF templates to cut out the turkey’s body pattern and also cut out the Turkey’s wings.

(Use one half of the paper plate cut out the turkey’s body and the other half to cut out the turkey’s wings).


Step 4:Color The Beak

Select a shade of yellow paint.

Use a thin brush to fill in the turkey’s beak using the yellow paint.


Step 5: Color the Wattle

Then, select a shade of the red or pink paint. Use a clean thin paint brush to fil in the turkey’s wattle with the paint.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (6)

Step 6: Color The Turkey’s Belly

Take a light brown shade or a yellow-ish brown shade of paint.

With the help of clean paint brush color the turkey’s belly using the light brown shade.

Use a yellow paint (same as the beak if you want) to fill in the turkey’s fit.

Allow the paint to dry.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (7)

Step 7: Color The Turkey’s Wings

Pick a dark brown shaded paint.

Use the dark brown paint to color the turkey’s both wings.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (8)

Step 8: Color the Turkey’s Body

Choose a brown paint that is slightly different than the two brown colors we used earlier. 

You can mix in two shades of brown if you want. This brown paint should be a light lighter than the wings and a bit darker than the belly. 

Use the brown paint to color the the turkey’s body (rest of the remaining areas).

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (10)

Step 9: Color The Turkey’s Wings:

Take a orange or red shade of paint, then take the piece of paper plate we cutout for the turkey’s wings. Along the edge of the paper plate use a slightly lartger brush to paint along using the orange paint.

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (11)

Step 10: Finish Coloring The Turkey’s Wings

Now use different shades of reds and oranges to fill in the turkey’s wings. 

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (12)

Step 11: Set It To Dry:

Bedore joining both pieces together you need to set aside the turkey and its wings to dry down the paint. 

Thanksgiving Paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids (13)

Step 12: Glue Them Together:(Final Steo)

Now, use white glue or hot glue to attentively join the turkey;s wings on its back.


How To Use This Easy Thanksgiving paper Plate Turkey Craft For Kids:

November is almost here! I love the fall season and the autumn season too! The most fun part of this season is Thanksgiving. What are the fun things you can do on this Thanksgiving holiday? 

You can spend the day with your family and the children with lots of fun activities in this special holiday. If you want to do fun crafts with kids on Thanksgiving you can paper this easy paper plate turkey. This paper plate turkey can used as a part of the Thanksgiving decoration.

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