Fun DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark Tutorial

To all the bookworms, you guys will really love this DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark Craft.

pipe cleaner flower ideas for kids

If you love reading books, you know it is very frustrating when you get up to do something and then forget which page you were on. I used to fold the corners of my book’s page to remember where I was, but honestly speaking, that was such a bad idea. It left my pages creased. So using bookmarks for your books is very important. 

If you read more than one book at once, it is very usual that you might get lost on pages. Also, it’s the back-to-school season now. I think this DIY bookmark craft project is a very good idea for kids who are going back to school.

So now let’s go to our today’s craft project. Collect all the listed supplies to make the DOY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark Craft. The craft material we will be using for our today’s craft is easy to find in almost any stores nearby. You might already have all these tools and materials at home. 

Learn to Make Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks:

Pipe cleaner flower bookmark

Tools and Materials::

  1. Colorful Pipe Cleaners. 
  2. Scissors.
  3. Glue.
  4. Pencil.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Pom-poms. 

How To Make Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks With Step-by-step instructions:

easy pipe cleaner flower step by step

Step 1:Make Zigzag::

Select the color you want your pipe cleaner flower to be.

Take a 6 inches long colorful pipe cleaner. Use your fingers to bend the pipe cleaner into an equal zigzag shape. Make at least 6 folds since your flower will have five petals. 

Step 2: Join The Ends::

Bring the ends of the zigzag pipe cleaner together, then apply hot glue on one and then join both ends together. Hold it on for a bit until the glue is dry.

Step 3: Pom-pom Pedicel:

Select a pom-pom you want to use as your flower’s pedicel.  

I am using a small yellow colored pom pom. Glue the pom-pom in the center of the pipe cleaner flower. 

Step 4: Make The Stem:

Take any green colored pipe cleaner. Measure how long you want your pipe cleaner flower’s stem to be. 

I am taking a 5 inches long green pipe cleaner. 

Step 5: Cut It:

Cut the green pipe cleaner in half. make sure both pieces are straight and equal.

Step 6: Glue The Stem:

Take one of the green pipe cleaner stems, and glue it on the back of the extended part of the pipe cleaner flower. 

Glue the second pipe cleaner stem on top of the extended part of the pipe cleaner flower.

Step 7: Leaf:

Take another 4 inches long green pipe cleaner (same shade as before). Bend the pipe cleaner into an “U” shape. 

Step 8: Glue The Ends:

Use hot glue to join both ends of the pipe cleaner flower’s leaf.

pipe cleaner flower bouquet

Step 9: Glue The Leaf:

Glue the leaf with the pipe cleaner flower’s stem to finish making your DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark.

Yield: Kids Craft

DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark Craft

pipe cleaner flower ideas for kids

Cute and helpful bookmark craft for kids. Since we are all going back to school, let's make something fun and helpful for our studies. Make cute flower bookmarks using pipe cleaners. Follow the step-by-step instructions to make your DIY Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmarks.

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Additional Time 5 minutes
Total Time 5 minutes
Difficulty Medium


  • Colorful Pipe Cleaners
  • Colorful Pom Poms


  • Ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Hot Glue.


  1. How To Make Pipe Cleaner Flower Bookmark Ste By Step Instructions Make zigzag shape with a pipe cleaner.
  2. Join the two ends together using glue.
  3. Glue a pom-pom in the middle.
  4. Take a green pipe cleaner.
  5. Cut it in half.
  6. Glue it on the flower.
  7. Glue the other piece with the flower.
  8. Bend a green pipe cleaner into a "U" shape.
  9. Join the two ends using glue.
  10. Glue the leaf on the stem.


Take longer pipe cleaner to make flowers with more petals.

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Here is why you should use a bookmark:

  • It keeps a track of your reading.
  • Easily go back to reading. 
  • It is better than folding the corners of your pages.
  • It is an extra decoration for your books. 
  • It is helpful for students.
  • Read as many books as you want and don’t worry about losing pages.
  • If you keep a bookmark with you, even if you close your book accidentally you can be saved by the bookmark.

Bookmarks aren’t only important for book lovers. If you are working in an office and you deal with lots of papers every day, you can always use a bookmark to make your work much more easier. If you have a business and you have plenty of files and important documents, you can use bookmarks to help you keep your work in check. No matter what you do you will find the uses of a bookmark in your everyday life. 

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