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Thankful Handprint Turkey Craft

Today we will be making construction paper handprint turkey crafts for kids. Whenever I hear the words “Thanksgiving crafts” a turkey craft comes to my mind. 

thanksgiving thankful handprint turkey

Thanksgiving is such an amazing time to gather around with your friends & families and embrace the warmth and realise why you are thankful for having all that you have in your life. If you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner party at your place, and if you know that your little cousins, nieces, and nephews are coming over, what can you do to keep them occupied with something? Last year we made Printable Thanksgiving Puppets Craft (2 Printable).

I’ve found lots of inspiring kids’ handprint turkey crafts online. But I wanted to make one of my own handprint turkey crafts. As we learn how to make this handprint turkey craft I will also explain what is thanksgiving. So stay tuned at the end of the craft tutorial to find out. 

Thankful Handprint Turkey Craft

handprint turkey craft ideas

If you are looking for a handprint turkey for toddlers, this craft is super easy and fun to make. 


  1. Colorful Cardstock Papers.
  2. Pencil.
  3. Scissors.
  4. Glue.
  5. Ruler.
  6. Colorful Sharpies.

Handprint Turkey Craft Template

Download free turkey craft template.

Instructions For Handprint Turkey

Step 1: Cut Out Turkey Patterns:

 thankful handprint turkey craft

Download the handprint turkey template from the link above. 

Select different shades of colorful crafting papers to get started. For the 3 handprint shapes, we will be using red, orange, and yellow. 

For the largest handprint shapes, we will use red craft paper, for the medium handprint shapes we will be using orange craft paper and for the smallest one we will be using yellow. 

For the turkey’s body, we will be using brown craft papers. For the beak, we will use yellow. 

Step 2: Glue The Handprint Paper Cutouts:

Arrange the handprint shapes. Glue the orange handprint shape over the red handprint shape. 

Then, glue the yellow handprint pattern over the orange-colored handprint pattern. 

Step 3: Glue The Body Patterns:

Glue the bottom part of the turkey (oval shape) on the bottom part of the glued handprint patterns.

Glue the turkey’s head on the left side of the handprint pattern (over the thumbs).  

Step 4: Glue The Turkey’s Beak:

Glue the turkey’s eyes on the head.

Lastly, glue the beak on the turkey to finish making the handprint turkey craft. 

Customize this thankful handprint turkey craft:

  1. You can use these handprint turkey paper crafts as puppets to tell funny stories. Take popsicle sticks and glue them on the back of the handprint turkeys to turn them into puppets. 
  2. Take a marker or pen and write down what are you thankful for on each of the fingers on the handprint patterns. 

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Thanksgiving is a special holiday in the United States and Canada that is all about being grateful. It is the time when people come together with family and friends to celebrate and appreciate the good things in their lives. Here’s a simple way to explain it:

Thanksgiving Feast: On the first Thanksgiving, people prepared delicious food. They ate turkey, corn, pumpkins, and other delicious foods. It’s like a big family dinner but with even more food!

Be Grateful: Thanksgiving is also a time for each person to reflect on the things they are grateful for. You can be grateful for your family, your friends, the food you have, and all the good things in your life. It’s time to say “thank you” for all the wonderful things.

People often decorate their homes with fall colors like orange, red, and brown, and may even make special crafts, like paper turkeys. Many families watch a big parade on television and some people play or watch football matches. It’s a day to spend time with loved ones and share a special meal.

Some people also use Thanksgiving to help those who may not have as much. They could donate food to those in need or volunteer to help at a shelter or food bank.

Simply put, Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate the good things in life, spend time with family and friends, and be grateful for all the blessings we have. It’s a holiday full of love, good food, and lots of gratitude.

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